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Blush is the New Black

Are you a hair stylist and makeup stylist working in the bridal beauty industry? Do you want to be? Then this is the podcast for you! Allison Jenks is an award winning hair and makeup artist on a mission to build community over competition in the bridal hair and makeup industry. On Blush is the New Black, Allison aims to highlight the good, bad, and all the pretty (see what we did there) of being a bridal beauty stylist. Whether you are a current stylist, or a self proclaimed hair and makeup enthusiast, this is your one stop resource to help you build, grow, and become CEO of your bridal beauty business.Tune in every week as we discuss the latest tips, trends, challenges and pitfalls facing the bridal bridal beauty industry. We will learn together how to grow, expand and build stronger bridal beauty businesses!

Nov 12, 2020

From start to finish, this is exactly how I schedule and execute trial run appointments with my bridal clients. Trial runs not only make your client feel more comfortable, but are essential for you the stylist as well. Have a system for how you want to schedule your trial runs, make your client feel comfortable, and be honest about what you can deliver so everyone has the same set of expectations.